6 Steps to a Successful Campaign

Welcome to Healthbanc! Read on to learn the tried and true steps to creating a campaign you’ll be proud to share, and donors will be moved to donate to.

1. Make your campaign look Its best!

We recommend considering the following tips, to create a compelling campaign:

Add a bright main image, or make a video! Your main image/video is your shot at a powerful first impression. This is the image that will show up when you share your Healthbanc, so use clear and colorful images, when possible.

We also recommend using photos of the people involved, whenever possible, since photos of people get ber reactions than a graphic or text.

Avoid blurry or low- quality images.

Write a catchy and descriptive title. Make sure it’s action-driven, and includes the name of the person or organization the funds are for.

Your story brings your campaign to life. It’s your chance to share your story’s details, and convey why your cause means so much to you.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget you can add more photos and videos to your story!
2. Share With Friends And Family on Facebook

Your first supporters will be the people in your life - your friends and family. This means that sharing your campaign with your Facebook network should be your #1 step. If you don’t have a Facebook, consider asking a close friend or relative who does to share your link to their Facebook Timeline for you.

When posting to social media, add a personalized message with your link, explaining why your campaign means so much to you, and how grateful you’ll be for a donation or share! A simple, direct, and heartfelt appeal will get you the most views.

Pro Tip: Sharing your campaign on Facebook can increase donations by 350%. Remember, in addition to asking your networks for a donation, you can also ask people in your life to spread the word by sharing your campaign with their networks!
3. Send Personal Outreaches Through Email, Text Message, And Other Social Networks

Personally share your link with 4-5 friends or family members by sending a text message, Facebook message, email, asking in person, or by making a phone call (basically, using whatever method you normally use to talk to friends or family).

Did you know... That a face to face ask is 34 times more effective than an email?

Next up, spread the word about your story to any other social networks you’re a part of, as well as communities you belong to. Building a b sense of community around your campaign will go a long way towards maintaining consistent donation volume..

Pro tip: Every campaign is given a unique link that's easy to share with others.
4. Post Frequent Updates

Supporters appreciate receiving updates from campaign organizers, and updates can contribute to the success of your Healthbanc campaign. Why? Because it’s a way to continue engaging the people who want to help you most.

Some great updates include:

How donations are being used
Thank you shout outs to those who have donated or shared
Updates on your story - how is the campaign doing? How close are you to your goal?
A request for supporters to share your link with their networks

Pro Tip: Always include a call to action. For example: “Please share my link with four friends!” or “Thanks for reading. Please donate, and spread the word to a few people you’d like to share my story with!”
Pro Tip: For optimal sharing, we recommend checking the options to post your update to Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
5. Show Your Appreciation

Always thank your donors, as soon as you can! Your donors are sharing their hard earned money to help you accomplish something that is important to you.

We’ve made it simple for you to let donors know just how much their support means to you.

Pro Tip: Consider requesting that your donors share your campaign, if you’re comfortable asking!
6. Withdraw Your Funds

Once you've started raising funds, you'll need to set up withdrawals. For personal campaigns, withdrawals can take 4-7 business days to arrive to the bank account on file, so it’s important to get these started as soon as possible!

Making a withdrawal will not affect your campaign. It will not be reflected on your campaign that you’ve withdrawn funds, you can still accept donations, and your campaign will not end (until you choose to deactivate it). And, you only have to request a withdrawal once. Once you set up your first withdrawal, donations will automatically be sent to you as they come in.

Pro Tip: Double check your banking information with your bank before submitting it! If you enter bank information incorrectly, it can delay your withdrawal.

Did you know... Keeping funds in your payment account for too long can cause your donations to turn off, or even be refunded?

We wish you the very best with your campaign. For more ideas on fundraising, check out the rest of our Campaign Success Tips.