Running a campaign takes time, effort, and creativity. While you’ve probably done a great job of sharing your link with your social network, here’s a list of 25 out-of-the-box ways to share your Healthbanc campaign.

Remember: the success of your campaign will depend on how effectively you share it!
1. Create a Healthbanc hashtag

This is a way to build social media awareness around your cause. Some ideas we’ve loved in the past are #curekidscancer, #WThealthbills, and other tags that ignite interest.

2. Create a Facebook Event for your campaign

Invite all of your Facebook friends. This can be a central gathering place for your supporters to see photos of your updates, share ideas, and keep in touch with one another. Creating community is what Healthbanc is all about! Be sure to paste your link in the event description.

3. Make a video for your campaign

While photos are extremely meaningful, a simple video from the Campaign Organizer talking about the impact of the campaign takes a fundraiser from good to great.

4. Ask a friend to be your ambassador

Have you considered asking a friend or your Healthcare Provider to be your campaign ambassador? This means asking them to share your campaign with their networks, and actively look for ways to promote your campaign.

5. Post to Facebook and tag ten friends

Tagging friends on Facebook increases the reach of your campaign, because it may show up on your tagged friends’ Timeline. We recommend writing a friendly challenge in the post like: “Share this with five friends for a high five from me!”

6. Share your campaign on LinkedIn

Make sure to post a professional and creative update when posting on LinkedIn.

7. Write your link in an unexpected place

On your car? Chalk it on the sidewalk? Write it on a poster and hold it up at a game? The more creative, the better—this is a great way to create buzz around your campaign!

8. Reach out to your local media

While sharing with your social network is the most important thing you can do, consider reaching out to your local news organizations and blogs to let them know why your campaign would interest the community and their readers!

9. Start an email chain

Remember email chains from back in the day? When the sender requested that you forward the email to 5 people? Bring it back! Email 10 contacts with your link and an explanation of why you’re raising money, and ask them to forward the email to 5 more people.

10. Post on Instagram

Our best advice for posting your campaign on Instagram is to post a screenshot of your main image when viewing it on a mobile device, and sharing it to your feed with your title, hashtag, and link (in your bio!).

11. Make a Pin about it

You’ll have to get creative with this one. Posting to Pinterest (and any additional social media outlets) means more clicks to your campaign.

12. Team up with a local business

See if they’ll offer a fundraising night for your cause in which they donate a percentage of the proceeds to your capaign. Or, see if a coffee or sandwich shop will temporarily name an item after your campaign! Think “The Daniel’s Dream Deluxe.” We’ve even seen a great campaign organizer team up with a sock company to offer socks as a reward to all donors! Make it win-win, by spreading the words about how awesome the business was, and thanking the business in your Story.

13. Share your link in Facebook groups you’re a part of

Remember to focus your post on why your GoFundMe means so much to you, and let any readers know of the immense power that even just sharing the link on social media can have.

14. Step outside of your direct network

Post your link on your city's Facebook page! This is a great way to reach out to local folks you may not know, who might be willing to help your cause by sharing your link, donating, or supporting you in other ways.

15. Post on Nextdoor

With Nextdoor, you can reach out to folks in your neighborhood. This site is a great way to connect directly with the people in your neighborhood. While everyone may not donate, posting on Nextdoor may help you create connections that could be meaningful in other ways.

16. Add some competition

Consider hosting a virtual “sharing contest.” Whoever shares your link the most times, or gets the most likes, wins something fun like a poetic or musical “Thank You” video posted to Facebook!

17. Share on Snapchat

It’s as easy as it sounds. We recommend opening your campaign on your mobile device, taking a screenshot, and then uploading the screenshot as an image to your Snapchat story. Make sure to decorate it with related emojis or words!

18. Create business cards or stickers

These are low-cost, fun items to pass out to friends and family. Consider including inspiring quotes or a beautiful photo that relates to your cause, in addition to your link, hashtag, and title!

19. Host a potluck or gathering

An event hosted to share more information about your cause is a great way to create community around your campaign. Plus, potlucks are very low cost! Don’t forget to post about your event on Nextdoor!

20. Set up a bake sale

This will do two big things - first, you’ll raise money for your cause! Next, you’ll spread awareness about your campaign to those in your community. Get creative by writing your link on each bag of cookies, cupcake wrappers, etc.

21. Tweet at an influencer

Consider tweeting at someone on Twitter who has a large following (over 1,000 followers). Ask them to share your link, and let them know why their followers will benefit from hearing about your campaign.

22. Get creative with your updates

First, what about doing shout outs, to thanking your donors one by one? This will certainly make them feel valued. Or, use your gifts! Are you a singer, a poet, or a great photographer? Get your supporters excited to stay tuned by posting “10 days of Songs” videos, or “30 days of Beautiful Photo Updates.” You’ll need to share these updates to Facebook, so they’re seen!

23. Connect with a local event

See if the event coordinators are interested in promoting your campaign along with their event (Mic shout out? Campaign signs at the entrance?). Even more out of the box? See if they’ll let you set up a free booth!

We recommend getting as out-of-the-box with your sharing as possible. The more buzz you can create around your campaign and cause in general, the better!