Our Vision

Healthcare for Everyone Everywhere

Our Health System is Sick

Currently 1 in 5 Americans have a medical debt and 65% of bankruptcies are due to these unpaid medical bills. As populations are aging around the world healthcare expenses will continue to rise. This is compounded by a lack of Healthcare accessibility in rural areas and undeveloped nations. Clearly, the current system is not working and if nothing is done will get worse.

Fixing Healthcare Affordability and Accessibility

We believe fixing Healthcare affordability and accessibility is crucial step and can be done, but will take the joint effort of patients, providers, payers and sponsors. Healthbanc aims bring these various stakeholders together to create win:win scenarios that benefit everyone.

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Our Team
Ken Lee
Founder CEO
Young Entrepeneur of the Year (Australia)
Nominated Young Australian of the Year 2002
Pharmacist and Father of 4
Professor Enrico Coeira
Medical Director/Co Founder
Francois Gremy Healthcare Award Winner 2015
Medical Doctor/PHD
Director Australian Institute of Health Innovation
Paul Wedlake
Sales Director/Co Founder
Previous Sales director in a billion$ company
Previous sales manager at Apple

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